About Goya Black Rose

The scent has been recreated from the original archived formula for this 50’s, 60’s, 70’s & 80’s classic.

During our extensive research and development of the perfume we were delighted to discover the Amersham Museum who held a variety of archives for Goya Black Rose perfume and the perfumers Goya.

This enabled us to develop and recreate a perfume as close as possible to the original and we would like to offer our thanks and gratitude to the Amersham Museum for allowing us access to these archives and for allowing us to share this information with our customers and others who may be interested in Goya and specifically, Goya Black Rose. 

The passage below from the Amersham Museum's page about Goya shows just how special Black Rose perfume was...

"One of Goya’s most famous perfumes, the Black Rose, took four and a half years to produce. Black Rose was a very sophisticated perfume described as “very long lasting, but with a French rose top-note.”The perfume was formulated in the “organ” room, in which there was an array of massed ranks of ingredients known as essential oils from which new fragrance blends would be painstakingly developed."

These articles published by the Amersham Museum, see the links below, also make for fascintating reading...

1. The growth of Goya

2. The Goya Girls

3. Perfume Production

4. Goya Brands 


A brief history of Goya Black Rose perfume

  • 1936 Perfumes first created and launched by D.R.Collins in Kentish Town
  • 1937 Goya brand name and company name created, offices in Piccadily and factory in Brooks Mews, London, W1
  • 1955 Black Rose launched
  • 1955 - 1984 Goya’s most famous perfume
  • 2014 Goya Black Rose original fragrance and packaging recreated


Givaudan Perfumers

We have ensured that the highest standards of perfume are attained and have employed renowned perfumers 'Givaudan' to recreate Goya Black Rose.

Made in England

Goya Black Rose is made in England